Recorder – Land and Vital Records

****Lac qui Parle County Offices are CLOSED to public in-person visits until further notice (the County buildings are locked).  Most Lac qui Parle County employees will begin working from home after Friday March 27, and through at least Friday April 10, during the Governor’s “Stay at home order” and likely if there are any extensions. Staff continue to work (whether remotely or otherwise), however, public access to services is limited and response times are affected by this closure.  The Recorder's Office continues to process requests and recordings by all means other than walk-up/hand-delivery.  We still accept electronic requests, eRecordings, email and fax correspondence; submissions continue to be accepted for real estate recording via eRecording, U.S. Mail, and the newly-installed drop-box at the East handicap entrance of the Courthouse.  All fulfillment of requests will be delivered electronically or by U.S. Mail at this time.  Land records can be accessed online via subscription at iDoc has limitations for digital indexing, so please email for additional resources.  Marriage License Applications will be limited to parties with wedding ceremonies scheduled less than 2 weeks out.  Contact the County Recorder to make arrangements – these will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. 

Requests for materials and resources that you are unable to locate online will be processed during the hours that I am in-office.  If I am unable to fulfill those requests that day, please understand that I will do so when I return to the office.  Access via telephone may be limited to the hours between 8:30am and 11:30am.  Voice messages will be checked periodically and I will respond as able.  Email access will continue throughout the business daytime hours that I am working, whether in-office or from home.  Your patience and understanding during this time is appreciated.****

The Office of the County Recorder is the Legal Custodian for all (land) records affecting REAL PROPERTY existing within the political boundaries of Lac qui Parle County, MN; for most tax lien records affecting our County residents; and for maintaining the databases thereof. The Recorder is also the legal custodian for Lac qui Parle County:

Birth and Death Records: We also accept application requests for certified copies of MN State Birth and Death records on behalf of the MN Department of Health. See "Vital Records for Birth, Death, Marriage: Application Forms & Fees" for more information about Birth Certificate / Death Certificate / Marriage Certificate

Marriage License Application: You may apply directly for a Marriage license if planning for a wedding ceremony to occur anywhere within the State of Minnesota. If applying at Lac qui Parle County, your official marriage record will always remain at Lac qui Parle County!

Online Real Estate Record Access: Lac qui Parle County provides an online subscription service to access our Abstract Real Estate Record images and indexes through our "iDoc" program.  Establish your LqP iDoc account at  Rates and information are available on the website, or to inquire more about the program please contact Josh at 320-598-3724 or

Please phone, fax, email, or visit us with any requests and we will find the best way to accommodate your needs. Please note we are able to accept cash, check and CREDIT CARD payments.


Phone: 320-598-3724
Fax: 320-598-3125

Joshuah Amland, County Recorder