Real Estate Records and eRecording

The Courthouse is open to the public. For those that do not want to come into the building, Lac qui Parle County has installed a drop box located at the East handicap entrance of the courthouse. This box may be used to drop off documents, abstracts, notorized birth/death applications, or paperwork related to any office within the Courthouse. The box will be checked daily.

Land records can be accessed online via subscription at iDoc has limitations for digital indexing, so please email for additional resources.  Requests for materials and resources that you are unable to locate online will be processed at our earliest availability.

Real Estate RECORDING (eRecording options are provided below)

  • Most documents: $46.00 in the Abstract index.  Assignment and Release documents which contain more than 4 references to existing records are an add'l $10.00 per reference after first 4.  Contact 320-598-3724 for fees to record in the Torrens index.
  • PLATS: $56.00
  • Well Disclosure Certificate: $50.00 (Download form or Upload eWell Cert or Look up existing well filings)

Online Real Estate Record ACCESS (enhanced service)

  • Lac qui Parle County provides an online subscription service to access our Abstract Real Estate Record images and indexes through our "iDoc" program.  Establish your LqP iDoc account at

Real Estate Record COPIES – non-certified

  • Real Estate Documents charge per-page (paper or image): $1.00
  • Real Estate Plats (reduced size) charge per-record (paper or image): $3.00
  • Real Estate Plats (print to full size paper) charge per-record: $10.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Add certification to full-size paper copy of Plat: $5.00/record
  • Fax/Email Real Estate Documents per-page/image: $2.00/page max $10.00/record
  • Fax/Email Real Estate Plats per-record: $3.00/record

Certified Real Estate Record COPIES

  • Real Estate Documents: $10.00 each (Certified PLAT $15.00)

Township PLATS (historic) by the U.S. General Land Office

  • GLO Historic Plat Map inventory for every Township in Minnesota – a great resource for the original mid-1800's Government Lot designation mapping (note that local County surveyor records and plats may supersede the drawings and computations for distance, bearing and acreage of these Government Lots)
  • for the history of the Public Land Survey System following the federal Land Ordinance Act of 1785.
  • for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management site containing the GLO and original Land Patent archives for much of the United States

Geographic Information System MAPPING is available at

eRecording Real Estate documents (in Abstract only) can be accomplished at the Lac qui Parle County Recorder’s Office through partnership with any of the following providers:

Please contact an “eVendor” from the list above to establish an account and begin eRecording the following instrument types:

  • Deed
  • Affidavit
  • Mortgage
  • Release
  • Modification
  • Cancel/Revocation
  • Lien
  • Appoint/Power of Attorney
  • Notice
  • Agreement
  • Assignment
  • Transfer on Death Deed

Any real estate transfer documents that require a Certificate of Real Estate Value must include an eCRV number stated on the document/deed. The Mn Dept. of Revenue no longer permits the County to accept paper CRV effective 9/30/2014. Please visit the MnDOR website to access the online eCRV forms. See also this helpful worksheet that may aid in collecting all the correct data for eCRV entry: eCRV data worksheet.pdf or eCRV worksheet.doc

Tax Lien Search Orders
$20.00 per Name Searched, includes report and copies for all records existing ONLY in Lac qui Parle County records. A tax lien search at the County will NO LONGER produce tax lien records existing at the central database of the MN Secretary of State's Office. Under no circumstances will the County accept UCC11 search orders.

Fillable Forms: UCC12 tax lien search order

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC): With exception to UCC12 tax lien search forms and UCC “Fixture Financing Statement” documents intended for Real Estate recording, effective December 1, 2014, MN County Recorders will NO LONGER ACCEPT UCC documents per directive by MN Secretary of State’s Office. All non-Real Estate and non-Tax Lien UCC order activity must be conducted through the SOS office. Please contact or by email at or 877-551-6767.

Please phone, fax, email, or visit us with any requests and we will find the best way to accommodate your needs. Please note we are able to accept cash, check and CREDIT CARD payments.