COVID Business Relief Grant


COVID-19 Business Relief Grant
Total Fund Amount: $250,000.00


The State of Minnesota has approved a State Relief Grant Program for Lac qui Parle County to administer. These state funds were apportioned out into a total of $256,250; $6,250 for program administration, and $250,000 to be spent in Lac qui Parle County for the purposes of responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic and businesses that were affected by the recent related Executive Orders. 

Priority Applications will be as follows, but not limited to: 

  • Businesses closed under Executive Orders 20-99 and 20-103
  • Businesses affected most significantly by COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Businesses not previously granted relief funds. 

Applicants must demonstrate their need for funding, what the funding will be spent on, and a summary of the impact of COVID-19 on the business. 

This is a county-wide grant program, adn the County Board reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to determine level of grant awards based on materials submitted in applications. A submitted application does not necessarily mean funding will be awarded. Final determinations will be made based on impact of COVID-19 and associated Executive Orders, previous financial assistance recieved, and the need demonstrated in the application. 

Initial Press Release Announcement (1-19-2021)

Grant Timeline:

Opens: Tue, Jan. 19th, 2021

Closed: Mon, Feb. 8th, 2021, 4:30pm

Application Review: The grant review committee has completed a several week process of reviewing all grant applications that were recieved and has made grant award decisions for each eligible business. 

Awards: On Tuesday, 3/2, the Lac qui Parle County Board of Commissioners approved all business grant award amounts that were suggested by the grant review committee. Checks enclosed with an award letter will be mailed to applicants within a few days. 

*This timeline may be subject to change; please check this page 
regularly for updated grant announcements. 


How to Apply 


Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I figure out how much to write the grant for? 
The simple answer: Ask for what you need to recoup expenses lost and make it through the next few months. Please incorporate your previous grant and other local/state/fedeal financial support into your request so we get a better picture of your needs and can ensure every business is treated fairly. 

What documentation needs to be submitted? 
1.  Completed and Signed Application Form

2.  Completed and Signed IRS W-9 Form

Do I have to have been shut down to qualify for this grant? 
NO, you do not have to have been shut down to qualify, but you must demonstrate a negative impact on your business due to either an Executive Order or other COVID-19 related issue. 

What supporting documentation do I need when I submit the grant?
Unlike our previous grant, this round you do not need receipts, bank statements, or other documentation outside of the Application Form and IRS W-9 Form attached to your application.  

Do I need to demonstrate a certain lost revenue %?
NO, you do not need to hit a certain percentage of lost revenue or provide documentation to prove that; the application and program is designed to be open-ended, allowing for support to businesses that may have fallen through the larger state and federal grant 'cracks' who did not recieve financial aid. 


Grant Contact Information

Blain Johnson
Lac qui Parle County Emergency Management Director
Phone: 320-598-7171

Office Location: (Please Call First, Office Times Vary)
LqP County EOC
422 5th Street, Ste 303/EOC
Madison, MN 56256