Acceptable Demolition Wastes

Cabinetry (built-in)
Ceramic items
Conduit and pipes
Glass (window & door glass from bldgs.)
Insulation (fiberglass, cellulose, etc.)
Electrical wiring and components
Metal Duct work
Plastic building parts
Roofing, shingles
Siding (vinyl, masonite, aluminum, steel, wood)
Wall board and Sheetrock
Tile (ceramic, floor, ceiling, vinyl, etc.)
Plumbing fixtures
Molded fiberglass
Affixed carpet & padding
New construction and remodeling waste
Untreated wood (Inc. painted, stained, varnished
lumber, grubbing, pallets, particle board,
plywood, fencing and dock materials.)
Wood and vinyl floors
Wall coverings
Recognizable portions of burned structures
Drain Tiles

Other Acceptable Waste

Bituminous concrete (incl. asphalt pavement & blacktop)
Concrete (incl. Rerod)
Masonry (bricks, stucco and plaster)
Root balls Tree Stumps
Uncontaminated Soil