Non-Acceptable Demolition

Adhesive (incl. applicators, containers, tubes)
Agricultural chemicals or containers (incl. pesticide & herbicide)
Animal carcasses, parts or rendering and slaughterhouse wastes
Appliances (including white goods and brown goods)
Asbestos wastes – friable or nonfriable
Ashes or wastes that could spontaneously combust or ignite other wastes due to high temperatures
Ash from incinerators, resource recovery facilities and power plants
Carbon filters – spent
Caulking (Inc. applicators, containers, tubes)
Carpet and padding (from replacement or remodeling projects)
Chemical containers
Epoxy (Inc. applicators, containers, tubes)
Fluorescent tubes and ballasts containing PCB’s
Food waste
Foundry waste
Furniture & mattresses
Glue (Inc. applicators, containers, tubes)
Hazardous waste
High-intensity discharge lamps
Household refuse or garbage
Infectious waste
Liquids (of any type) including non-hazardous materials
Machinery or engine parts
Medical waste
Packaging materials (Inc. cardboard, paper, shrink wrap, Styrofoam)
Paints, thinners, solvents, varnishes, (Inc. applicators, brushes, cans, containers, filters, dust collectors)
PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyl) contaminated wastes
Pesticide containers
Petroleum products, containers or filters (Inc. oil, grease, fuel)
Radioactive Waste
Resins-Epoxy, Fiberglass (Inc. applicators, containers, tubes)
Sandblasting waste
Uncured sealants (incl. undried applicators, containers, tubes)
Sandblasting waste
Septic tank pumpings
Sludges of any type (Inc. ink, lime, wood, sewage or paper)
Street sweepings or Yard waste
Live coal tar (Inc. applicators, containers, tubes)
Thermostats and switches containing Mercury
Treated lumber/wood (Inc. decking, RR ties)
Tree Planting Fabric
Vehicles of any type
Yard Waste