Land Records Office – Assessing


The Courthouse is open to the public. For those that do not want to come into the building, Lac qui Parle County has installed a drop box located at the East handicap entrance of the courthouse. This box may be used to drop off documents or any paper work related to any office with in the Courthouse. The box will be checked daily.


The Land Records Office provides multiple services to the public in one department.
 Lori Schwendemann, Land Records Director, acts as the County Assessor and the County Recorder.


The Assessor’s Office directs, plans, and supervises the appraisal of all property assessments in Lac qui Parle County as directed by Minnesota Statutes and the Department of Revenue to provide an equitable property tax assessment. Property assessments are completed by staff and/or local assessors.  Proper licensing and stringent education is required by the Minnesota State Board of Assessors for all who make exemption, classification, or valuation decisions. Services and Responsibilities:

  • Verifies & analyzes sales information
  • Handles homestead and other special program applications
  • Appraises all real and certain types of personal property at market value
  • Determines property classifications
  • Informs property owners of their value
  • Conducts Local Board of Appeal and Equalization meetings





Telephone: 320-598-3187