Child Protection & Welfare

Report Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect IMMEDIATELY! 
Mon-Fri: 8:30a - 4:30p : 320-598-7594, ask for Intake
After Hours: County Sheriff's Office 320-598-3720

How do I Report Abuse or Neglect?
Call Lac qui Parle County Family Services or Law Enforcement (Lac qui Parle County Sheriff’s Department at 320-598-3720 or Dawson Police Department at 320-769-4700) if you believe that a child is being hurt or neglected. Some people, such as doctors, teachers, therapists and ministers, are required by law to report suspected child abuse or neglect. Other people, such as neighbors or relatives are encouraged to also report if they think a child is being abused or neglected.  The name of the person making the report will not be shared with the family, unless the reporter agrees or the court compels it.  

Child Protection Assessments
Assessments are conducted in response to reports of children being abused or neglected by care givers. Family Services and Law Enforcement are required by law to cross report any child protection reports. The purpose of child protective services is to help protect children from physical abuse, neglect and sexual abuse. The goal is to help families get the services needed so children do not need to continue to be abused or neglected. 
Lac qui Parle County Family Services has a screening team that screens all child protection reports that come into our agency. The screening team decides if there is enough information in the report that allows for an assessment to occur. If the screening teams determines that the report has allegations that meet the criteria for assessment, we than determine what type of assessment will occur. The statute allows for two types of assessments that are used to complete a child protection assessment or investigation. Those types are an Investigation or a Family Assessment. 

Child protection will work with local law enforcement and individuals who know the child, such as doctors or teachers if necessary. If protective services are needed, child protection will help the family use services such as counseling or parent education.  The purpose of child protection is to prevent any future abuse or neglect. If a child is not safe at home, placement of the child outside the home will be considered.

Child Protection Case Management Services

Child Protection Services are provided to families in which a maltreatment assessment found a level of risk to indicate the need for protective services. Our staff determines what services are needed to help support a family in need so they can safely care for their child. Services for families may include family counseling, parenting education, assistance in applying for financial benefits, helping a family access services such as early childhood or special education children, and/or helping the family meet basic need such as housing and food. 

Child Welfare Case Management Services

Child Welfare Services are provided to families which have requested assistance with family struggles such as truancy, parent/child conflict, child behavior concerns etc. Lac qui Parle County Family Services Intake Unit is available for consultation in helping families assess their needs. We may offer available resource and referral information and/or when appropriate, assist with an application for child welfare services. 

Other services may include Parent Support and Outreach, Minor Parent, and Adoption services.

Note: Mandated Reporter Training and Requirements can be found below: