How do I apply for Child Support Services?

You may apply for child support services if a minor child lives in your household, if the child is financially dependent on you, and if a parent is absent from the home. If you are applying for or are receiving public assistance in Lac qui Parle County, your application for child support services will automatically be referred to us. If you would like to apply for our non-public assistance child support services, you must apply in one of the following ways:

  1. Online – you may access a printable application here: Application for Support and Collections Services
  2. In person – you may apply in our office at 930 1st Avenue, Madison, MN
  3. By mail – you may call us at (320) 598-7594 and an application will be mailed to you upon request.

Please mail or drop off completed forms and applications to:
Lac qui Parle County Family Services
PO Box 7
930 1st Avenue
Madison, MN 56256

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