The Lac qui Parle County Emergency Management role was officially adopted via ordinance, in response to a state requirement, by the county board on April 3rd, 2001.

The Emergency Management field was born in the years during WWII, when local cities and counties formed 'Civil Defense' Offices and named directors to lead in preparedness, prevention, and response activities. In the post-war years, these duties were usually combined with law enforcement leaders (Sheriff's, Police Chiefs) or local veterans services officers. After 9/11, a heavier emphasis was put on modernizing EM and creating better coordination between first response groups and the public. 

Prior to 2017, the Emergency Management function was located within the Lac qui Parle County Sheriff's Office. Before John Maatz, the Sheriff had the responsibilities and duties of EM. In 2017, the EM position was contracted to a public safety consulting company, Paramount Planning, who specialize in Emergency Management and Homeland Security related activities. The position was made a department head and reported directly to the county board, and later (currently) the county administrator.