Recycling is available via curbside pickup or by using drop off site locations, depending on your community. 

Drop-Off Sites

Trailer may be taken from site for a few hours during transfers to be emptied.
Site Location Hours
Bellingham SE American Legion 24/7
Boyd Alley between 2nd and 3rd St (N of Scandia Ave) 24/7 
Dawson Olson Sanitation (175 N 7th St) 8am-5pm (Mon-Fri)
Hantho Twp Hantho Town Hall 24/7
Lac qui Parle Village West of County Highway Garage 24/7
Madison 211 5th Ave (Parking Lot) 24/7

Curbside Pick Up Schedule

City Weekday Weeks of Month
Bellingham Thursday's 1st and 3rd 
Boyd Wednesday's 2nd and 4th 
Dawson Monday's (West Side, 6th St S of River)
Tuesday's (East Side, 6th St)
Every Week
Louisburg Thursday 1st (Must be out by 7am)
Madison Tuesday (West Side of Town, 2nd Ave)
Wednesday (East Side of Town, 2nd Ave)
Every Week
Marietta Thursday's 1st and 3rd
Nassau Thursday's 1st and 3rd 

Lac qui Parle county residents are asked to separate recyclables into the following TWO categories and place by curb/alley on scheduled pickup dates or bring to drop off sites on the designated dates and times for your community.

Glass: Any glass food or beverage container (clear, brown, green)
Plastic: Any plastic container with a 2" or less opening and an 'A' on bottom. (#1, #2, #4, #5, #7)
Metal: Pop/Beer cans, Pie pans and trays, tin food cans, aluminum foil, empty only aerosol cans, scrap metal

Paper: Newspaper, Magazines, Phone Books, Office Paper, Envelopes, Junk Mail, Paper Bags, Seed Bags (remove plastic insert)
Cardboard: All Corrugated Cardboard (Clean and Dry), Paperboard from cereal and other boxes, Cardboard Egg Cartons

Recycling Reminders

  • If bins are full, please do not leave recyclables on the ground by trailer, simply come back when trailer has been emptied. 
  • Please close lids to keep out rain/snow/animals
  • If you bring recyclables in plastic bags, empty bags into proper bin and take plastic bags home with you.