Planning & Zoning

The purpose of planning and zoning is to provide for orderly land use development that minimizes conflicts and reduces impacts to local resources.  They do this by:

  • Implementation & Enforcement of the Lac qui Parle County Land Use Ordinance & Comprehensive Plan.
  • Issuance of Zoning Permits.
  • Issuance of Conditional Use & Variance Permits.
  • Issuance of Septic System Permits.
  • Low Interest Individual Sewage Treatment System Loan Application Information
  • Administers SSTS Fix-UP Grant Program (Income Based).

The Comprehensive Plan 
This plan lays out policies that will guide future land use decisions.  The County Planning Commission is responsible for adopting the Comprehensive Plan and for reviewing conditional use permits, subdivisions, ordinance amendments, and zoning classification amendment proposals.  They recommend actions to the County Board of Commissioners for final approval.

The Land Use Ordinance   
This ordinance is the tool used to reach the established goals.  This ordinance lays out which activities can occur in certain areas or zoning districts.

Floodplain Management  
The purpose of this ordinance is to minimize the potential for loss of life and property in flood-prone areas by limiting the placement of residences and structures in those areas.  By enforcing floodplain regulations, county residents can participate in the Federal Flood Insurance Program.

Shoreland Management  
The County is responsible for implementing State Shoreland Rules found in Minnesota Rules 6120.2500-3900.  Shoreland regulations were first implemented by the State in the early 1970s to provide for the orderly development and protection of rivers and lakes.

Ordinances, Permits, and Applications