Child Support

Child support is the contribution a parent makes for their children towards care, living expenses, and medical support. All of Minnesota's 87 counties are federally mandated to provide child support services for families regardless of the family's socioeconomic status. Child support includes: basic support, child care support, and medical support.  For additional information on the child support program, visit the Minnesota Department of Human Services Web site at

Lac qui Parle County Child Support Services: 

  • Establishing paternity / legally naming the father of a child born outside of marriage
  • Establishing a court order for child support
  • Modifying an existing child support order
  • Enforcing an existing child support order
  • Locating parents for child support
  • Identifying and verifying sources of income for child support
  • Collecting and processing payments

Services NOT Provided:

  • Legal advice
  • Legal separation or divorce
  • Establishing or enforcing custody or parenting time/visitation
  • Collecting unpaid bills or debts not related to child support obligations